Certified Crystal Reader®
  Angelic Love & Life Coach
Reiki & Crystal Healer   

  Dia Linn

Certified Angel Card Reader®

By Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card Reader®, Angel Love Coach, Archangel Life Coach, Crystal Reader, Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healer and Fairyologist

I work with Angelcards, Tarot- and Oraclecards. With this I pass through messages I may receive through the cards. You can come to me with any sort of question, regarding love or career for example. When you have the feeling things are not going very well, then I am happy to help out with custom made love and/or life coaching for which I create healing-packages with the help from the Angels, Reiki and Crystals. I practice the ancient art of healing as Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healer, specialized in removing psychological and emotional blockages and blockages on relationship and love areas. Consultations can take place in my private practice near Rotterdam, or by email, since the Angels do not have any earthly limitations!

Email: [email protected]